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September - Constitution Day

Thursday September 17, 2009

The National Constitution Center
The site includes many resources. Most are free. Check out the lesson plans on the right side of the site. Here's something neat to do with your class:

Virtual Field Trip: Signing the Constitution
September 17, 2009, at 9 a.m.

Classrooms around the country can join the National Constitution Center via live webcast for a special demonstration in Signers’ Hall about the signing of the Constitution. Participants will also learn more about the Center’s new virtual field trip program. Educators can register to join the event on the Constitution Center’s website.

If you are interested in doing this, please let me know no later than Tuesday so I can do a quick PD with a laptop and projector so you can do this in your classroom.

Thanks to AnneMarie of Talking Smartboards & Much More
Constitution Relay Game
This is a neat game you could project and do as a large group. Questions are asked about the Constitution and you would type in the answer.

The Bill of Rights Game
This game review the Bill of Rights and has an elementary and secondary level.

American SymbolsThis game is so simple to use. A question is asked about an American symbol and students drag the symbol to the appropriate box.

Vickie Blackwell always has lots of great resources for all curriculum areas. Check out her Constitution resources at

You can always find great ideas and resources from Thinkfinity. I did a search and found hundreds of lessons. You can check them out at Thinkfinity. Refine your search by putting in your grade level and the specific type of resource.

If you need help with Thinkfinity, please just ask. It is a great resource that will make your life easier!

Constitution Day
It's a bit lat however you may order one free copy of the Constitution from this site. Don't stop at the free booklet. Keep scrolling down to find oodles of resources including lessons, links and a poster contest!

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