Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Poetry Sites

Enjoy writing poetry with your students using these sites.

Poetry Splatter is simple to use. First you choose a poem title from the list. When the poem opens, you will have to fill in the blanks with words that are splattered onto the screen. All age groups are included.

Acrostic Poem is from Read, Write, Think. Keep in mind that you have to complete this in one sitting. You are not given the option to save but you may print it. Looks like there will be space for students to draw a picture after it is printed.

Diamante Poem is also from Read, Write, Think. Same info as above pertains to this interactive.

Another resource from Read, Write, Think is Shape Poem. Use this link here for tips and more information about how to use the Shape Poem interactive.

Off the Charts is a neat site from PBS. It allows you to write a poem and turn it into a song. PBS provides the music. Looks like fun to me!

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