Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flash Mobs

I don't know about you but I love this flash mob thing that I've watched on YouTube. I have great hopes that someday I will be someplace and I will see a live flash mob! Maybe I'll even join them! Watch this video and I am sure you will be smiling. Don't forget to keep reading this post though because I have something else to share about this video!

TeacherHub shares videos with suggested writing prompts to use in the classroom. Unfortunately the videos are usually from YouTube which is blocked at our school but the concept is so great I wanted to share the video and the prompts. Copied directly from their site, here are the prompts:

Sound of Music Dance Writing Prompts

Grades K-2: Describe Dancing List 3 adjectives to describe how dancing makes you feel (optional: in complete sentences). Bonus: Draw a picture of someone dancing!

Grades 3-5: Contageous Rhythm If you were in the train station, would you have joined the dancers? Why do you think so many different kinds of people (young & old, boys & girls) joined in?

Grades 6-8: Ballroom Brainstorm There are many different kinds of dances. Brainstorm as many forms of dancing as you can. What do all of those dances have in common?

Grades 9-12: Compare Performances Is this surprise performance more entertaining than a scheduled dance recital at at theater? Why or why not?

I've posted about TeacherHub before but if you haven't checked it out and signed up for their e-newsletter you can click here to do that.

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