Saturday, November 21, 2009

December Resources-Christmas Around the World

Here's a list of good links for your upcoming unit on Christmas Around the World.

Santa's Net Click here to go to the Traditions page. You'll find a list of countries with an overview of customs and traditions from that country. Look to the left and click on recipes just in case you want to try some foods from other areas.

Christmas Celebrations Around the World has ALL things Christmas! For country information, just click on the flag and you will go to an info page that will explain some of the traditions. Look at the bottom for anything else you might want for the holiday season!

Another page with country information is Christmas Around the World. Click on the county to get the brief overview.

World View is an older site but there is some good information here. You will open to a world map with links either on the map or right below. I tried to go to some of the links at the bottom but was unable. Try clicking on them though because I think you could find some good things here also.

Here's a neat activity copied directly from Education World..."Writing. Ask students to pretend they have pen pals in foreign countries. Their pen pals celebrate Christmas (or other holidays) in a way very different than they might do. Invite students to write letters to their pen pals to explain how their families celebrate the holidays."

Kaboose always has great info and resources. Clcik on the link to find a short list of countries. When you get to the country info you may find activities, crafts and songs to help you plan your unit.

Christmas Around the World is a web site developed by a teacher. She has an extensive list of countries with links, some that are already listed above. Make sure you scroll up and down because she has links to other holidays.

Christmas Traditions Around the World from How Stuff Works looks pretty good. Not all countries are included but I think many of you will find some information. has some good videos to use on the histroy of Christmas. Remember to always watch these before showing them to students. Scroll down the page to find other resources. Some things are informational only but can certainly help with your unit.

Keep in mind that I still have my membership to ABCTeach. If you need any printables, let me know and I will check aavailablity of country specific worksheets. I'll continue to add resources over the next week so keep checking back!

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  1. Sally,
    Again you come to our aid!! Thank you so much for sharing these great resources. We are so lucky to have you in our county! Thanks, Joyce