Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Christmas!

Storyline Online is a site I have posted about in the past. Click on the link and then click on MoreStories to find The Polar Express. We all know and love that book! Lou Diamond Phillips does a great job of reading that to us. Remember that streaming video often has some stops and starts along the way.

Follow this link for lots of worksheets with a Christmas theme.

Remember Tales of Curiosity? That site has two videos for Christmas. One is The Night Before Chistmas and the other is The Truth about Santa Claus. Both are great but make sure you preview them before sharing with students.

Mr. Donn has lots of resources on Christmas. This link will take you to powerpoints, lesson plans, plays and almost anything else you might need or want. Looks like a one-stop shopping excursion to me! Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing that in his blog!

Larry Ferlazzo shared another great site. Teachers First's Holiday Central has links to numerous holidays. Just scroll down to Christmas to follow that link to many, many other links that it will make your head spin. Fortunately the links give a brief overview and have grade levels listed. That should make your life a bit easier!

I was just notified via email about Scholastics section on Celebrating Winter. Check it out for lots of ideas.

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  1. Hi Sally! So sorry to contact you via your comments box, but you didn't have an email link, and I have misplaced your email. I've been busy stopping by former Blog Writing Course students this week, and checking out how their blogs are going! It is exciting to see you plugging along and consistently writing and improving your blog. Kudos!

    We are in week 7 of our current course, and I would love to have you stop by and offer a word of encouragement to our newbie bloggers, letting them know you were a former student and that you are still hanging in there. If you get time this week, check out the list of the blogs at my latest post on, and stop in and comment on a couple. I know it would mean a lot to them!

    Congrats again on your blog! It is looking great! (Feel free to chuck this comment now!)

    Kerry (aka Topsy-Techie)