Friday, June 24, 2011

Image Swirl-Google

Where have I been and how long has Google Image Swirl been out there?? I just found it today on Kathy Schrock's Tech Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.You can find that by clicking here. She's shown lots of Google Apps and Tools and I saw a few others that are new to me so I will be checking them out later today. So back to Image Swirl...

Click on the title of this post, type in your subject, hit enter and just let it do its thing. You'll get lots of images but don't stop there. Click on one of the images to go to a web of other images. Click on another image and go to a new web and before you know it you have spent an hour looking at various images. It is somewhat addictive!
Here's the Swirl landing page for Wahington, DC

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