Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Binders

I've been using Live Binders for over a year now and have found it a great tool to organize and save my web resources. Live Binders is extremely easy to use. Sign up for an's free by the way. Add the BookMark tool to your browser toolbar, start browsing and when you find your special site, click the Bookmark tool. Keep doing that and you'll end up with a binder organized with tabs and all the sites you love. I've made a few binders and you can access my public shelf by going here. Keep in mind that the binders are always available for changes and additions and are always a work in progress!

The other neat thing about Live Binders is that thousands of educators are using this great tool and organizing resources on all different education topics. You can search for specific topics and if you have an account, you are able to copy the livebinder and add it to your shelf. I often do that so I don't have to go back and search again! One of my favorite Live Binder authors is K.B.Connected. She has multiple binders on a variety of topics. Check out her shelf here.

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