Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Product on TpT

I just updated a product and got it ready for Easter.  My CVC + Silent E product uses an Easter theme complete with colorful Easter bunnies!  Here's the info:

This Easter Bunny theme product is a collection of resources for use when teaching CVC words with the silent e.  This is not a lesson plan.  The collection supplements your lesson or unit on this phonetic skill.  Included in the packet are the following:

   •Word Cards CVC words and CVC+e words for review as a class or used independently.  Perfect for matching. (pages 3-11)

   •Folding word cards with CVC words.  Once cut and folded, students will write the e on the end on the folded portion.
    Perfect as an activity after direct instruction and something students can take
    home for review. (pages 12-17) 
   •CVC word cards and two e cards to add to the words.  Great to use as part of the direct instruction. (pages 18-24) 
   •CVC+e word puzzles Students may use this as an independent activity. Students cut out cards and then cut into puzzles(pages 25-31)

   •Word/puzzle cards for students to cut, store and keep for home review. (pages 32-36)

  I suggest printing these resources on white index 
  paper and laminating for long term use.  
  Clipart by Aisne’s Creations   Check out her shop    

                  THE END!  :)

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