Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reading Comprehension and Writing with a March Theme

I have a new product for my teacher stores. This March theme product includes informational texts, activities and worksheets that review comprehension skills, writing and some math This product will target holidays and special days in March. Informational Texts with worksheets and answer keys.

March Overview
      Blank calendar for students to fill in with special events.
      Blank calendar for students to fill in with the weather of the day. Iditarod  (Starts March 1, 2014)

Pancake Day (March 4, 2014)
      Recipe for Easy Pancakes
      Worksheet-Sequence with cut and paste
      Activity-Photos for sequence
      Mini-Poster for writing sequence paragraph
      Math Worksheet for calculating changes in the recipe

Oreo Cookies Introduced (March 6th)
      Worksheet of Venn diagram for compare and contrast
              Use for comparing 2 different kinds of cookies
      Mini-Poster for Writing Persuasive paragraphs
      Worksheets for writing persuasive paragraphs
            1 for favorite cookie
            1 for favorite way to eat an Oreo
      Venn Diagram Worksheet for comparing and contrasting 2 kinds of cookies.   

St Patrick’s Day ( March 17th)
      Mini-Poster for Limerick poetry
     Worksheet for writing a limerick and illustrating it.

World Poetry Day (March 21st - No Comprehension worksheet)
      Mini-Posters for Acrostic, Haiku, Diamante, Cinquain, Couplet
      Decorated writing papers for each type of poetry (at least 2 for each type of poem)

Author’s Purpose (No Comprehension Worksheet)
      Mini-Poster for reviewing that skill
      Worksheet-Reviewing and writing information garnered from the paragraphs.
            May be used with any or all of the paragraphs included.

Writing Expository Non-fiction (No Comprehension Worksheet)
      Mini-Poster for a quick review of that writing skill
      Worksheets (3) for writing an expository paragraph about a famous person born in March.
            Each worksheet has a guide to help with the writing. Posters for Special Dates in the month

The informational texts have readability levels from grade 4-8 however all passages are short (1 page) and could be used at lower levels with support. Most of the activities and worksheets are simple enough for students in grades 4-5.

All of the activities in the packet are for use after direct instruction on a particular skill. These activities and worksheets are for supporting and reviewing skills already introduced.

Check out the product by clicking here or here or click on the title!

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