Sunday, January 17, 2010

Google Tips from FETC

Learned lots at FETC this year and here are several Google tips!

Use Google as a dictionary. Use the search feature and type define: then a space, then your word. Click enter and you will have the definition!

Use Google as a calculator. Type the math problem in the search bar, click enter and your problem will be solved.

Use the search function in a slightly different way. Type in a topic and click enter as you have always done. Look to the left and find the words Show Options and click on that. Look at what pops up on the left. Scroll down and find Wonderwheel. Click to see what you get next. You'll have fun clicking around on the Wonderwheel! When you are finished, go back to the left side and click on Timeline and watch what happens next.

Now try the Advanced Search. Type in a topic but now click on Advanced Search. You'll get a window to fill in but just for now, go down to file type and choose PowerPoint. Your search will now take you to PowerPoints that you can view and download. Once you download, you may change the presentation to meet your CSOs. Remember, it's always appropriate to give credit to the original author!

Keep checking back for more Google Tips!

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