Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teacher Tools From FETC

Here's a great site for a stop watch or a countdown clock. Check it out by clicking here. Decide which tool you want to use and click on it. You will then go to the next screen where you will set the timer. Great to use full screen projecting on a screen.

We had great fun in one session when the presenter gave away prizes by flipping a coin. Try it out by clicking here. This would be great to use for a probability lesson.

Check out ClassTools. Use the template drop down menu and choose Random Name Picker. You can add your students here to have a system for randomly chosing students. Once a student has their turn they are removed from the list. I believe if you sign up for this, the list stays there! Fun!!!

This tip has nothing to do with school but it might come in handy sometime when you just can't find your cell phone but you know it's somewhere in the house. Go to WheresMyCellPhone, type in your number and this site will call your phone. Let's just hope you left it on and the battery is charged!

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